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Wheelchair Accessible School Bus


Like the title says, this is a wheelchair accessible school bus. The exterior has the classic black and yellow paint scheme with a more modern white roof. All the appropriate lighting and license plates are found front and rear. The construction cross hatched 1x4 bricks would be replaced with ones stating "SCHOOL BUS". There are regular mirrors and blind spot mirrors up front. Two fold out stop signs on the drivers side and a stop bar on the front. Emergency door in the rear and the lowered regular access door up front. A realistic exhaust pipe exits from under the rear of the bus. The hood tilts forward to reveal the engine. And the best part, a functioning wheelchair lift in the rear, made to work with the Lego wheelchair currently available.

The roof is designed to easily lift off. Inside there are seats for ten passengers, one wheel chair passenger, and the driver. All occupants can keep their hair and hats on with the roof back in place. You will also see a clock hanging from the ceiling up front and a red emergency sign in the rear. The driver has a tilted steering wheel, gauges, and a simulated door actuating handle bar. The isle has a grey color and the seats are raised with clear bricks to simulate the raised seats in a real bus.

As pictured with all of the mini figures it is 517 pieces.

Thank you for taking a look at my creation!

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