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The Antikythera Fragments, The World's Oldest Analog Computer

     The Antikethera ship wreak is one of the oldest and most fascinating in the world. It has been excavated a few times, including once by Jacques- yves Cousteau, each time revealing more new artifacts. Among these is a rather perplexing collection of metal pieces, now known as the Antikythera fragments. Scientists have decided that the mechanism was a device for tracking planets and stars, and that it was remarkably ahead of its time.

     In this set I have made a model of the three largest fragments of the Antekythera fragments. It includes a display stand (and information card) based off of the actual display in Athens. They are extremely accurate, not only physically, but also in the colors. I believe this would make a great set because it is both well known and historically important, which are also reasons that I built it.

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