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Pirate Island Kraken Attack


There's quite the ruckus on the High Seas today! Here, the famous sea farer Captian Rainbowbeard has returned to the Pirate Island to reclaim his treasure, only to find that in his absence the Imperial Navy has set up a neighboring prison tower and has captured one of his shipmates, the rival Oriental Captain is racing him for the loot, the fearsome Kraken has come looking for a mid-day meal, and last of all the island's initial inhabitants are not very happy about any of it! In a four-way battle (or is it five-way, counting the Kraken?), this Pirate Island set includes about as many piratey pieces and details I had available!

Features include an Imperial prison tower having two cells and a lowerable bone cage (inspired from Pirates of the Caribbean), defended by two catapults, and topped by a light-house tower; a partially submerged Kraken with four tentacles; a half-eaten burning Oriental pirate ship with a captain's cabin and mast; several palm trees; wave detailing, a red "X" for buried treasure and a skull face on the Pirate Island; ship wreckage such as a barrel, raft, and planks; a golden treasure hoard inside the pirate cave; flags for each of the factions (red and gold for the Imperial Navy, blue and gold for the Oriental pirates, and rainbow for Captain Rainbowbeard); a pirate hut hideout with the islanders' bridge for access; a skull and crossbones flag; torches; foliage including a vine piece; a washed-up skeleton wearing Atlantean armor; lots of other skeletons and bone elements; minifigure accessories including a circular map, a crystal staff to summon the Kraken, a mop and bucket on the sinking ship, cutlasses, pistols, rifles, keys for the cells, bows and a spear for the islanders, and a spyglass; and finally an array of creatures such as two parrots, a pistol-wielding monkey, a dog to guard the cell keys (also inspired from Pirates of the Caribbean), spiders, snakes, a scorption, a crow, and lastly a shark to chase the shipwreck survivors.

This is a correlative build, as my younger brother (his username is BudBudBuilds) designed several of the minifigures as well as the layout of the treasure cave. The initial inspiration came from a design in the Lego Ideas Book, where I got the idea to lay bricks on their side for an ocean, allowing me to submerge things partially. However, the rest of the layout was completely original. 

I believe this would make a great set for pirate-lovers, as it does not belong to any particular pirate theme and serves well as a self-encompassing scene frozen in time. If this were to become a set, I would first improve the structural integrity of how the ship and the Kraken attach to the ocean. As of now, they are loosely connected on their own ocean plate which is also loosely attached at an angle to the rest of the build. Also, one might notice that the Atlantean skeleton defies sound Lego laws, having a skeleton arm and leg in place of normal minifigure parts. That of course could be adjusted for maybe special printed minifigure parts, say transparent legs and arms with bone printing. Finally, I would add more of the ship (say sails on the mast), more tentacles, and a larger Imperial prison tower.

Thanks for checking this out, and please support and show your friends! I appreciate it.

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