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Alpha Team: Ogel's Secret Fortress


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It's been twelve years, world. Twelve long, insufferable years. Ever since my defeat at the hands of Alpha Team, I've been in hiding, planning my revenge. The time has been insufferable, and I've watched the world I knew pass by around me. And now... I'm back. And I'm ready for you. Go ahead, try and stop me. You will never defeat my army of drones. I've upgraded them... and now, I am unstoppable.

This set is based upon the old classic series, Alpha Team. The series ended in 2005, and it was a series that was awesome. I had nearly every set, and the James Bond-esque setting appealed to me. So I thought about "What if Ogel had been hiding for the past 12 years and had been able to enhance his technology?" So today, after many designs, redesigns, alterations, and do-overs, I present to you... Ogel's Secret Fortress.

Play features include:

  •     Crane for loading and unloading supplies
  •     Prisoner cage with posable arm
  •     Fully stocked armory
  •     Rotating cannons
  •     Ogel's office
  •     Opening skull vats

Since it has been 12 years since Alpha Team was discontinued, I updated Ogel's design. He retains the same armor piece, but now clad in gold, along with a new golden hook. His skeleton drones have been updated as well, now featuring black armor while retaining their red and black uniforms.

This set would come with five minifigures: Ogel, three skeleton drones, and one cyborg flame drone.

As for who this set would appeal to, it'd definitely appeal to children and Alpha Team lovers. I tried to retain as much of the Alpha Team aesthetic as I could while updating the concept to modern day building techniques. If you'd like to see more pictures of something, ask!

I do take feedback and suggestions! So don't hesitate to tell me what you think, what could be done, and what you like! And if you like the project, support it and share it! Also, for those of you who notice, yes, I copied and edited the skull from my Grayskull project.

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