Product Idea

Nerds Like Us 3.14


Hello friends! Are you ready for another nerd project? Yes? OK! Here are the little sister from my nerd project. It is time for a female character. This set included a female minifigure, a desk with a laptop, enough coffee, a pizza, a chocolate and a muffin. My next project should be a fitness project.

And again and again: "To be or not to be (a nerd), that is the question. This set is like the others a homage to our fan-dom, our brick-dom and our nerd-dom. I hope enough from you support this project and share it with your friends. Maybe dream come to be true. I appreciate being part of this great community. Thank you all so much!

Now it is time again for your nerd outing. Maybe a competition between the female and the male minifigure can be started. Which nerd minifigure will stand on your desk?

The male vignette:

The female vignette:

Or both. Or all three.


Thank you to everyone (nerd or not) for the support and your comments! I hope you like it and please share it with your friends! A special thank go to my faithful friends here on Lego Ideas, especially for the great project name suggestion! AWI