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This is a set of 2 analogue style cameras which build to be life sized and remain 100% made from existing lego pieces. 

The designs have been inspired by the retro style of analogue cameras for a more classic look and also because larger vintage style cameras have a more satisfying feel to hold in your hand.

The idea with this project was to create something a bit more unique and to make something that would be fun to be build for any level of lego experience. Hopefully the kind of set people of all ages would be proud to leave on display.

As price is always a factor to consider the piece count has been kept down to only around 300 pieces so would hopefully stay in a lower price range and be more accessible to everyone.

For those wondering the photography mini figure shown in the last picture would be included as a bonus collectible.

Thanks for taking the time to look over the project and I will try to reply to all questions and comments. 

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