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Introducting the Cartapult!

What is it?
Its a car that has a catapult that catapults a tinier versions of itself as ammo! (and the tiny version launches a tinier version!)
using 2 small catapults it can catapult a smaller version of itself!
The Cartapults come in 3 scales, normal, mini and micro scale! 

Whats so unique about it?
Its a 6 stud car that uses really small wheels, and designed it to look cartoonish. Also the best part: it comes in red.
The Large cartapult is also minifig scale, so you can place a minifig in it. It also comes with doors!

Proposed Set includes:

  • Normal Cartapult
  • Mini Cartapult
  • Micro Cartapult

Why did I propose this?
I wanted to create a smaller ideas set that was unique and not tied to any ip so i came out with this!
it is a improved version of the commuter microfigther bus i made earlier!


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