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It is a relaxing lounge beach chair linked to a table and a beach umbrella.

Early 2021 I joined lego ideas and I saw very late your contest about the beach.
I was thinking about making a relaxing wooden house so I started to build but I did not finish in time...
Contest over, so now, I have all the time to make this house and I am still on it. :D
Making this, I wanted to add a relaxing chair, it came so easily to make it, I don’t know why and I find this lounge beach chair really cool, I love touching it, articulating it and changing the minifigure I put on it.
I am more proud of this chair in less than 60 bricks than my unfinished house with millions of bricks… lol
So why not this Idea of relaxing be a chair ?
I added the lady with the book, the plant and what she needs to drink to make it full relax.

First I made it with real lego same for my wooden house, but after thousand pictures it was not showing clearly what it is, I must admit I am not good with a camera…
So I built it with studio.

Both antennas (piece 3957) inside the mast stiffen the articulated structure, it is strong.
The table can join the chair, the seat can go up or down and the umbrella can also turn.
These articulations do not really change a lot but it is more cool. Haha

I think it would be a cool gift that can fit everywhere, but specially in an office close to the computer or every places where people work to remember to relax.
A lot of minifigures in swimsuit could fit with this chair and it is funny to put it on to make a picture (even bad pictures… I know a lot about this)

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to relax !

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