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The Stages of Education (3 in 1)

This set allows you to build your own classroom setting by providing a blank room canvas with arrangable furniture. The furniture and decorations can be arranged on the floor and on the wall in mix and match ways. The floor is covered in tile and jumper plates ( Items and classroom decorations can be easily placed and removed from the 2x2 jumper plates).For a kindergarten type classroom, this set includes cubies with backpack racks, a minifigure scale lego table, 2 desks, and a colorful carpet. For the middle/high school setting there is an optional projector screen that can be clipped on above the green chalboard. Four desks are included (2 of which are used in the kindergarten set up), along with a bulletin board and bookshelf. The college set up includes a raised platform with 4 seats attached to the table and floor in an auditorium fashion. A teacher's/ professor's desk is also included, and it fits in with every recommended set up. Thank you for checking our project out and thanks for the support. 

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