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Alec DeLeon's E-Frame


Based upon the underrated 90's cartoon "Exo-Squad", this is Alec DeLeon's E-Frame, which he used to provide Able Squad recon and fire support in their battles against the Space Pirates, and later the Neosapiens. The official designation for this E-Frame was the SLR-345 Wraith, designed for communication and surveillance.

Constructed of nearly 600 pieces, this model tries to recreate a static display model of the iconic vehicle from one of the best children's shows of the past. Even if people do not like this model, I do hope it inspires them to build more sets from this show and it's universe. The excellent story line, characters, and futuristic gadgetry is an untapped wealth of possibilities, on par with franchises like Robotech and Mechwarrior.

Though limited compared to it's animated counterpart, this model does possess some articulation. The wings fold down. The shoulder joints can rotate and raise the arms out from the body. The elbows can extend the forearm out about 60 degrees beyond parallel, and swivel left and right (fairly limited). The hip joint can rotate and raise the legs to the sides (fairly limited) and the knees bend. The legs have three doors (two windows and one for the knee) that open out, while the cockpit has four doors (one large glass windshield, two smaller door on the sides, and a lower door that swings down) that close around the pilot. Unfortunately, there's no articulation in the feet. All of the missiles can be easily detached, to simulate the E-Frame with exhausted ammunition. Unfortunately, the belt for the machine gun is fairly rigid, and changing it's look would require pulling it apart, moving things around, and putting it back together.

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