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Han Solo & Fiolla Speeder


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Here is my first vehicle of project repulsor, inspired by the novel written by Brian Daley: Han Solo's Revenge, the speeder is the model "taggeco Air-2 Swoop.", Used by Han Solo and fiolla to escape the planet Bonadan.

Originally there was only one place but it has been modified by the smuggler Boon (me) to carry more cargo or passenger and support for heavy blaster pistol was added.
The front of the speeder moves to allow a standing pilot Han Solo.

This set of relatively simple parts to assemble understand Microfighters 60 pieces from boxes star wars series 1 & 2 and 2 figures (Han Solo & Gorra Fiolla) and 1 heavy blaster pistol.

I think this all could be sold about $ 20, in the same format as the microfighters series and a series of six exclusive models derived from extended universe of star wars will be added later.

I hope you enjoy this set.

Boonter the smuggler.

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