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Happy Books (Small Library)


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It is a small library that we want to bring into reality. A general three-story building is being remodeled. This is a private library. I wanted to demolish it and re-build it, but because the cost of construction was insufficient, the walls were left behind, and the building was remodeled. It was built by mixing modern and old styles (Greek and Roman styles). A lot of white bricks and white windows were used throughout.
The library is run by one family. The father does the office work, the children are the helpers, the maintenance and repair staff, and the mother is a strong supporter of this library. Rather than calling it service, I consider it to be my own pleasure, and I am working hard today.
The front façade is exaggerated with a grand (?) decoration. A small front yard and a small flower garden and trees welcome people. There are also flowerpots in front of the building. It's a small library, so I made a small signboard.
Once you enter the front door, there is a shoe rack where you take off your shoes, and from now on, indoors. Rather than a hard desk or table, I made it so that I could read the book comfortably anywhere. A computer for browsing books, a simple chair for those who want to sit down. A director of this small library, a space where you can see simple office work. A person is asking a question in front of the director. On one side, a man and a woman are reading a book. What book are you reading? Who often glances at each other, may soon become a couple. The library couple.
When you go up to the second floor, there are stairs where you can sit and read a book. There is also a space below where you can sit by yourself. There are many children who like to hide. Or to quietly read a book alone, there is a small bathroom on one side. There is a simple urinal and a washbasin that you can turn off the toilet. The boys come with clogged toilet tools and cleaning brushes. These are the sons of this house.
On the third floor, there are comfortable chairs where you can sit and read a book. A young mother is showing her child a fairy tale book. There are two paintings hanging on the wall. What is the title? Perhaps one is 'Sky and Sun' and the other is a picture of reading a lot. What is the title?
Instead of building a fence on the roof, I chose to build it up and tried to create a slightly different look for the border. The construction cost is not enough, so the elevator is next.
I hope that there are many small libraries like this, so everyone will be happy and happy.
Total: 2914 blocks, 10 minifigures.

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