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Spider-Man Noir: Carnival Freakshow


Spider-Man Noir: Carnival Freakshow

As New York's web-slinging hero of the 1930s, Spider-Man Noir has grasped fan's attention as one of the most unique and interesting incarnations of Spider-Man. 

The Spider-Man of Marvel's Noir Universe first appeared in his own comic series Spider-Man Noir, and has since been featured in comic Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face, the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, the Disney show Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors and in the Spider-Verse story arc. 

My set depicts a run-down 1930s carnival freakshow operated by none other than New York crime lord Norman Osborn, a.k.a. The Goblin, who is quite a bit of a freakshow himself! Adrian Toomes, called "The Vulture" was a carnival geek who joined Osborn's mob and murdered Peter Parker's Uncle Ben. As a cannibal, the Vulture poses a big threat for the Spider-Man of this world! Hammerhead, another carnival freak with a deformed skull, joined Osborn's mob as a lieutenant and loan shark. 


  • Spider-Man Noir
  • The Goblin 
  • Vulture
  • Hammerhead

This set depicts a carnival with several sinister attractions, all revolving around a Noir color palate and overall theme. ​This set includes:

  • The main gate with a sign that reads "Norman Osborn's Carnival Freakshow."
  • A spinning carnival ride
  • The Vulture's cage
  • A "Test Your Strength" carnival game
  • Hammerhead's shark dunk-tank with mounted gatling gun. 

The set also has a pennant flag tightrope connecting the Vulture's cage to the main gate for Spider-Man Noir to stealthily run across. Spider-Man also comes with a black fedora, as he is often seen wearing. The carnival ride and its seats really spin. Vulture's cage doors open and close. Inside the cage are a bone, a skull, and feathers that stick out from the bars of the cage. The test your strength tower falls on the Goblin after pulling out the pin from the side. Hammerhead's gatling gun pivots left and right and the barrel spins. After pulling the front tab on the shark tank, a trapdoor drops Hammerhead into the tank.

This set not only includes a new Spider-Man minifigure that every Spider-Man fan would love to have, but also 3 great villain minifigures, a very playable set with many unique functions and a brick color palate that would improve your LEGO collection!

Capture Vulture back in his cage! Crush the Goblin with the falling "Test Your Strength" tower! Send Hammerhead falling into his own shark tank! Be SPIDER-MAN NOIR! Support now!

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