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The Secret Life of Pets


Only 15 more in 15 days!

This only needs 15 more supporters to reach 100. If you know anyone who you would think would like this, now is the time to support, Thank You :0)


It's Customizeability!

Hi, as I stated in my description, this project is completely customizable. You can add a replica of your own pet to make it more personal to you. Here in this example, I sawpped out the Max figure for the two Lego dogs that I customized to resemble my own two dogs :0) 


Only 16 supporters needed in 17 days!

Hi everyone, I only need 16 more supporters in 17 days to earn a year's time! If you've been thinking about supporting this or if you know someone who would like this project, this is the time to act! Thank you :0)


Only 19 needed!

With only this month left, there's only 19 more supports needed to hit the 100 mark and secure that year's time! If you've been thinking about supporting or know someone who would like to support this project, now is the time! Thank You :0)


Happy Halloween

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone! :0)


Any Questions?

I've had people ask me about the dog in this project, if it's an authentic Lego piece, and it indeed is. The only thing that I changed was the color, a technique that I learned from my friend Bear7994, who customized authentic Lego pieces for his projects. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask :0)

I place this between my DVDs so you can see what it would look like setting on a shelf :0)


The Poster

I cropped and designed a picture that is very similar to the movie poster :0)


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