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Taranto's Typical Mussel Farm

Taranto is one of the most amazing cities in Italy. It's built just between two "seas", the Big and the Small, and due to its favourable position it was a powerful Greek colony in the ancient times.
The famous mussels of Taranto are appreciated all over the world because of their taste and their size; lots of fishermen wake up very early every morning, they go in a mussel farm like the one in my Lego Idea and they breed these mollusks until they become big enough to be eaten. It is an hard job but full of gratification. 
So, I decided to build a typical farm and all the things that characterise it: in first place I built the poles where the mussels live [img. 2]; on one side they are brown as the wood, because originally fishermen use wooden ones, while on the other are grey as steel because nowadays this material is preferred.
Then, I built the so called "citri" [img. 3] which are springs of fresh water: mussels get their particular taste from the peculiar combination of fresh and sea water.
Every farm is marked by buoys [img. 4].
I build it because it's my hometown and I'm very fond of it. Furthermore Taranto is sadly famous for its factories and so lots of people think that it is polluted and a bad place to go on holiday while it isn't.
If you like this set or if you think that Taranto should be enhanced, please support this idea.

Ps.: it is free!

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