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Japanese Chess (Shogi)


Japanese chess (shogi)

Shogi or Japanese chess is a board game that is a variation of regular chess, However unlike chess it has one king, one rook, and one bishop. It also has two knights. There is no queen, but it does has 2 of each of the following. They are lancers, silver general, and gold generals. They also have that are in chess are the pawns, and they are nine of them in total.  The pawns move at one space at a time, but when promoted they like the gold generals. The gold generals move up, down side to side and one space diagonally in eather direction.  However,  they cannot be promoted same with the king. The lancers move as many spaces up only, and just like the pawns they are also promoted the same as the pawns as well as the knight's and the silver generals. The silver generals move up and diagonally in both directions even back diagonally. The rook moves the same way as chess, but when promoted they move the same way but with diagonally both ways at one space at a time. The bishop move the same way as regular chess as well and when promoted they do the same as the rook does when not promoted but at one space only. The knights moves in a L shape, but up only. They cannot go back or to the sides.  When a opponent takes a piece, they can use it as well. However, the promoted piece is gone.

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