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Cyber Triceratops


Cyber Triceratops!

After submitting our Cyber Rex Project recently we’ve received lots of requests for more Cybernetic Dinosaur builds, which is a challenge we were more than happy to take on. So that’s why we’ve chosen to create a Cyber Triceratops along with a new wasteland clan for our next futuristic project.

Now the Cyber Tri comes from the same far flung planet in the distant future as the Cyber Rex, where there’s an apocalyptic desert covering the surface.

But that’s where the similarities stop because this beast is owned by the super mean Scrappers tribe, and these guys are punk raiders that steal other people’s wasteland finds for themselves causing mischief amongst fellow survivors. So there the natural arch enemies of our heroes Trudy, Zac, Bucketz and the Cyber Rex who are the recyclers of the galaxy who always help others plus help to stop the Scrappers as they adventure around the planet.

Cyber Tri Details

-The main build is the Cyber Tri which features an overhauled triceratops figure with mechanical working armoured legs and tail plating.

-On top is the main unit, includes a spike encased saddle seat, ball jointed cyber-cannons, side gunner seat, engine unit at the back with plenty of exhausts!

-Extra attachments include tool clips and teddy bear mascot on the side.

-The 3 minifigures are Buzz the Cyber Tri driver, Gem the side gunner and Boltz the robot scrapper bot with welding arm attachment.

So as you can see our Scrappers tribe’s new Cyber Tri is the perfect rival to take on the Cyber Rex team in the wasteland. But it will still be an awesome stand alone set thanks to the play potential, cool mechanical dinosaur design, colour scheme and minifigures, which will be great to display too.

Also if you approve of our new project ideas and awesome futuristic concept we’d be ever so grateful if you could lend us your support by voting for it to help it on its way to becoming a set!!

Thanks Again

Tom & Drew

BrickBros UK

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