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Adventurers Style - Archaeologists Truck

One of the Themes I miss the most from LEGO is the Adventurers theme with the main character, Johnny Thunder.

It' been quite a few years since LEGO released the last one, "The Orient Expedition". Several other themes have been released on the same lines, including Indy of course.

So, I decided to make something similar, and based the characters around them, maybe his son or something...

Now, this is the first model I've built on the theme, I know it doesn't look anything too special, but on LDD it very rarely does.

This is basically an 8 wheel go anywhere mobile Archaeologists Lab.
For those of you who know what Thunderbirds is, you might think the truck in design looks familiar. Well it is based on a submarine carrying truck from the episode "Desperate Intruder", although not based solely on it, it is my own design.

I've included 3 minifigs in the set, Johnny's son, Professor and a young Girl who's probably a junior archaeologist.

The back of the truck is accessible by removing the roof and dropping down the rear door.
Here we see the Lab, including, a sink for cleaning artefacts, magnifying equipment and several other tools.

Again, in the real world, I'd have added a sticker of a map or something on the wall.

The front of the truck is designed to take two minifigs, also there is a storage area behind the seats for the other tools included. These are a Rifle, Pick-axe, Shovel, Backpack, Movie Camera and picture Camera.

The rear Door down with the roof on, still leaves plenty of space for minifigs.

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