Product Idea

Modular London Tube Station

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The London Underground system in London is the oldest ones in the world, and it hauls many of
us to work or home. With a lego modular underground set, you could recreate rush hour or building works in your home!
This is the set that I am proposing:

This set would include five commuters to travel on the trains to various other stations. The station itself features:

~The classic roundel image on the back wall!
~A speaker for announcements!

One main feature of the entire set is that its actually modular from two angles, as you can see from the back of the model:

The holes at the bottom are there so that you could connect this to a corridor set (an add on pack perhaps?) or alongside another platform to make one extended platform. This set could also have included a wall with a tube map printed on it and a white help point mounted on a wall (usually out of service) to please collectors that don't really want a platform with loads of doors.

This set doesn't need any new parts at all, but I would like a few printed parts and plates to make this set really detailed. One of them is a free METRO, which can be seen below:

In case you didn't know, the METRO is a free newspaper that is given out in London and is a key part of many Londoners lives, so there should be at least one printed METRO piece.You could substitute this paper for a standard Lego newspaper, but I really would prefer a METRO to make this set more life-like.

I'll update this project a bit more when I've got more time, but feel free to suggest ways to improve this.

Some people (AKA no-one) has asked me about the lack of trains in the current version. I haven't done one yet, but I literally haven't had the time to do it, so I'll have to replace it with this picture for the moment:

You can thank me later.