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Little Mushroom House

Hi, Taco Dude here.

I’ve built a wonderful little mushroom house. In this build I have included two minifigures, four animals such as a green frog, a white rabbit a little bird and a ladybug.

The story of this build is that the little elf girl is having a birthday party and has invited her little friend, the boy elf. I have included a little party setting which has a small table that you can put all the party food on, the cool thing about this build is that when you remove the roof of the mushroom house you will find all the party food and decorations which are easily removable inside it. This build also includes a little vegetable garden, a red mailbox, two storage containers with many accessories inside for example a map and a hairbrush just to name a few, a little bath/jacuzzi with rubber duck inside and finally a minifigures stand.

The reason I came up with this build is that LEGO hasn’t done anything like this before and I wanted to build something different, something the LEGO fans haven’t seen before.

The interior of the house is quite small, it has a shelf with a flower pot and a mini birdhouse, a bed with green covers which can be lifted to reveal some secret items. There also is a painting above the bed and a mini briefcase on the side. The cool thing about this build is that you don’t have to stick to one storyline, you can make up whatever story you want, and it will be magical.

I want the LEGO fans to feel that you can have a realistic feel to this little cartoonish mushroom house.
I have been a LEGO fan for a very long time, and it has been my dream to have a LEGO Ideas product, it will be my dream come true! So, I’d really appreciate it if you would support this build and help me reach 10K.
Thank you, Taco Dude 🌮

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