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Mecha Mouse


Mecha Mouse: Mickey's Massive Maniacal Mechanical Monster!

Introducing the latest in Disney technology, an armed bipedal battle unit piloted by the beloved rodent Mickey Mouse! This menacing action pod is highly-articulated and poseable, as well as durable and sturdy with the usage of Technic ball and socket joints. The top canopy easily retracts to allow our little mouse minifigure to climb inside to maintain the controls. The unit's hands contain hinges for allowing the fingers to grip, such as holding weapons and/or enemy minifigs.

Based on the popularity of LEGO robots, mechs, and hardsuits -- along with the international acclaim of Disney -- I believe this project will be universally popular among every demographic. Similar to the official LEGO Ideas models of WALL•E and the Exo Suit, this project follows a likewise fashion, but uses a quirky Disney design theme with an original concept. Included in this set will be a Mickey Mouse minifigure as a pilot: at the moment, he uses the proper pieces from his collectible figure, but a final retail version might have a custom-printed flight suit and goggles.

This project was built by me over the course of a few days in late March 2017. The initial brainstorm came about after I constructed a robotic form-fitting suit (like Iron Man's) for the Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat minifig. The next logical step was to take the idea further by creating an entire bipedal mecha unit, similar to those in MechWarrior, Gundam, and Star Wars. I ran into no major issues with the construction, except with some obstacles with the design of the big yellow feet. The rest of the project was rather easy and streamlined, with the final step being the transparent bubble canopy.

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