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The Adventures of Pettson and Findus

Visit Pettson and Findus and on their small farm and experience a new adventure every day.

My idea is based on the children's books written and illustrated by Swedish author Sven Nordqvist featuring the Farmer Pettson and his small cat Findus. His books and illustrations are full of funny little details and creative ideas, just like the creativity that comes with building with LEGO bricks.

My build features the farmhouse with a little interiour, the small woodshed and the bigger shed with places for the chicken and Pettson's workbench.
It contains of 2300 parts with about 1800 parts used for the buildings and 500 for the base with additional details. Back walls of the farmhouse can be opened and roofs of the houses can be removed to get access to the inside.

I think Findus would have to get a nice new part/print (with his little green pants) to be reconized a little more. Would love to see him and Pettson done as minifigures!

I hope you like my idea also :)

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