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Christmas Tree Lot


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Welcome to my LEGO Christmas tree lot! I built this because I thought it would look great in your winter village scene, and also because there isn’t a Christmas tree lot set yet. (To help that become a possibility, make sure you click that yellow Support button above!)

The Idea
Let’s start from the left, where you’ll find some nice pine trees for your minifigures to bring home, a decorated tree complete with a star on top, and some miniature trees to fit in the smaller corners of your minifigure’s home. On the right, we have some flocked trees and garlands. In the center, we have a bunch of wreaths, and a checkout stand for when your minifigures are ready to pay.

Extra Details
This build was made in BrickLink’s using 588 parts, across the span of about two months. Make sure you check the ‘Updates’ tab above as we reach the milestones!

If you like this idea, make sure to Support it if you haven’t already, Comment and suggest what I could add to my model in the future, and Share the link with your friends and family to help it reach its goal of 10,000 supporters!

Thank you so much for taking time to read my description, and have an awesome day! Merry Christmas! :D


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