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This is my idea, forest. As you can clearly see this is a fantasy forest and has pink trees. It is not inspired by a specific film or book but instead is completely from my imagination. It has six main plants but many small details on the floor. A few nice part usages including a flower as a tree trunk and gems as flowers on a smaller tree have been used.

When dreaming up this build I saw the lilac leaves and decided they were perfect for this and made a feature of them in two main plants. For the grass I had a vast collection of green cheese slopes so had to use them as grass and leaves on the floor.

This would be a good set because there are not any non-licensed magical sets and people will be transported to a far away land. If you are thinking of supporting my project then please do because I am sure there are many fans that would want this set and you would help them. Please recommend to friends.

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