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The Black Knight's Retreat


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„Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling…”
“The pipes art forsooth calling – f'r some rest! t hast been 30 years anon; years of repelling dragons, befriending orcs and freeing fair maidens; eke repelling fair maidens, befriending dragons and freeing orcs… i am not restful; too many times i has't hath left mine own jointress and home f'r the needeth of others. But this is what mine own holidam demands! moreover, whither shouldst i wend?”
Lord Mícheál Mac Ridire dubh aka the Black Knight, and his quite quaint jointress Aindréa Nic Bhándearg finally did part ways with their entourage. The fusty family mansion in the middle of the Dragan flote would perfectly fit their needeth! Coequal moo so, since their longstanding chef Cookie Mór Ó Fianán did accompany his liefest lord and mistress without hesitation.
Equipp'd with a compelling setteth of bagpipes Lord Mícheál and Mistress Aindréa wast looking fia to times of joy and peacefulness.
But until anon they didst not recognize yond eerie glow down below…

Hi! My name is Michael as you may have guessed by the Intro above… The Idea is inspired by THE castle set I owned as a child: 6086: Black knight’s castle – still my favourite! So I asked myself, what would my dear black Knight do after all his knighting? Well, spend some quality time with his wife, of course (and the cook; you definitely need a cook on holidays).

So, if you like to join me in reliving the dreams of Black Knight’s past glory, I’d appreciate your support!

  • Buile on the run
The base plate is 34x30 studs; the creation is kind of a medieval modular building, so you may find everything there for a decent living! The sides and top are detachable, everything with full interior:

  • Lord and Lady’s living room and bedroom; Cookies kitchen; a well for water supply; servants and Goats sleeping spot; access to machine room:
  • Interior:
  • Hidden Staircase & Hidden Exit:
*see video at the bottom*

  • Length/Width/Height: 27x29x30 cm
  • Total parts: 2990 pcs. -> with lots of 1x1 plates and tiles and small parts for details

From left to right:
  • Captain of the Royal Black Guard
  • Lord Mícheál Mac Ridire dubh aka the Black Knight
  • Mistress Aindréa Nic Bhándearg, his wife
  • Cookie Mór Ó Fianán, the cook
  • Buile, the mad puck goat - Cookies partner in crime

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