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70s Plymouth Muscle


This is a display of three Lego micro Plymouth muscle cars.  The Barracuda with its unique curved back window and big Hemi engine is displayed in blue.  The Superbird with its famous wing and nose cone is perfect in red.  Last, but not least, we have the epic Plymouth Duster looking awesome in black.

I built it as a tribute to the muscle cars of the 70's.  There is nothing as exciting as watching a Hemi car doing a burnout right before it runs the quarter mile. If you can't own a real muscle car, then why not own these micros!  

I think it will be an awesome way to get car loving Dad's and Granddad's back into building Lego.  It would make a great set for adults and kids alike because you can play with them or display them.  Please vote for my idea.  Thank you! 

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