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Prehistoric Boutique


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The prehistoric boutique

That's the place where all cavemen and cavewomen get their stuff to survive in prehistoric times. There are bones, teeth, clubs, feather, fossiles, a spear and a wheel. Everything is lighted up by 2 torches. The walls are very rough as this should be inside of a cave. The shop owner spent months creating the artistic entrance gate.

The whole set up may contain too many pieces, that's why I took a photo how the set could look like just with the main parts to create a shop situation. A mouse and a spider also come with the set.

The female minifigure is wearing a 2-part-fur to keep her warm and cozy. If this set makes it to the next stage I hope there can be new designs for LEGO cavemen minifigures. These two are known from the LEGO Minifigures series.

Let's bring some cavemen sets to the LEGO shops!

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