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Ninjago Ouroboros Statue of The Great Devourer

The lost city of Ouroboros is one of the settings of the first season of Ninjago. In its center is the statue of "The Great Devourer". Pythor and Skales find this place in the desert. This is where the four ninja attempt to rescue captured Lloyd. Later, Pythor inserts the four fangblades into the statue and the Great Devourer is released.

The model consists of the main statue, and two small statues, one of them has a permanent flow of venom while the other holds a cage (in which Lloyd is held).

The model here is made in white. However, a production model should be made in tan, with some parts in grey. Tthe "eyebrow" (mudguard part) is also produced in sandgreen, which would be a cool third colour.

Obvious choices for the figures to include would be Pythor and Skales.
This set would also complement the 9450 "Epic Dragon Battle" set.

To make the model more interesting and to simulate the original constuction (statue made from very large stones), some half height gaps have been incorporated, it also makes the built more fun/complicated.
Nevertheless, the model is of robust construction, and all 3 parts together weigh around 1 kg, I have not counted the pieces. The package should at least be a nice supply of tan/grey pieces ...

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