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'Dewey' Maintenance Drone 01 (Silent Running)

Rejoice in the sun with this LEGO model of Maintenance Drone 01, better known as 'Dewey', from the classic science fiction film Silent Running.

Dewey comes with many working features including a poseable robotic arm, rotating feet and removable programme cards. He is shown on a base plate depicting the scene at the end of the movie where Dewey is in one of the garden pods tending the forests with his watering can.

Why 'Dewey'?

There are many robots in the movies, but the drones from Silent Running have always seemed somewhat of a forgotten classic. To anyone who has seen the film, Dewey represents a much gentler time and embodies our hope of a brighter future.

Rejoice in the sun

Please join with me and support this project to make this classic movie robot a LEGO reality. Share this project with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

I look forward to reading your comments and sharing your passion for this project.

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