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Toad Hall

Presenting Toad Hall, Mr. Toad’s magnificent manor! The deed to the glorious mansion, complete with the motor-car, has been obtained by Winky and his gang of weasels. Help Mr. Toad and his friends recollect the deed by using the secret passage.  But beware, the company of weasels have weapons.

The house is complete with nine chimneys and a library for MacBadger to try and pay the overdue bills in. When you enter through the front doors, paintings and benches and suits of armour will greet you. The great lobby has plants and a chaise lounge where the weasels can party. Above the front door, there is a toad statue referring to the buildings name, ‘Toad Hall’. The minifigures included are Ratty, Mole, Angus MacBadger, Mr. Toad, Winky, and three Weasels.

There is no rear exterior wall, and the roofing is set back to create a easier play experience. We built this set because we felt that Mr. Toad wasn’t represented in LEGO well enough. This would make a great set because the characters are loveable and are from a classic story.

This build was a collaboration project between @SafestLeapingMeerkat and I. @SafestLeapingMeerkat has given me direct permission to submit this project and gets 50 percent credit.

This model is based off of Walt Disney’s The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad which is based off of Kenneth Grahame’s Wind In The Willows.

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