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Heart and Spade Modular Starships

A splittable heart-shaped spacecraft that combines with an additional support vessel to form a spade-shaped spacecraft.

I designed the heart-shaped spaceship with the intention of getting the parts for the separate halves and packing them, with instructions, in custom-made boxes as gifts for my two daughters, once they grow up a bit and move on from Duplo.

So I'd say this isn't a heart that is split apart, but a heart that is made whole โค

There is an optional add-on ship, that goes between the halves, forming a spade-shaped ship. The add-on ship between the two parts would be in my case something for me & my wife, a support vessel for our daughters' crafts. The heart-shaped ship would also work as a standalone set.

If this would ever become a official Lego-set, I'd love to see this as a build-together set. Maybe even each individual craft with their own packaging bundled inside a bigger packaging, so you could gift each vessel as individual. In our opinion, this would make it a great gift for Valentines day, weddings or similar events.

Main play features:
  • this modular set can be displayed either as 3 separate ships or as heart-shaped ship + the addon ship or as one combined spade-shaped ship.
  • each ship has a removable container that can be used to store the Technic pins (used to connecting the halves) when the ships are separated.
  • the add-on support ship has extra storage space in the rear compartment.
  • I've also tried to make the cockpits somewhat spacious to better accommodate different kinds of minifigures.

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