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Alien Fishing Expedition

Not sure if there is life out there. But if there is, and they decide to visit us, I am sure they are here to obtain our most valuable resources! 🐄🎣😁

The alien arrived in an 'out of this world' machine organism and packed some sophisticated hunting equipment to bring back some earthly spoils.. Although it's unclear what the aliens find so valuable about cows (meat, milk, relaxing sounds) or the way they use them (eating, riding, they worship them). It does seem they somehow think cows love chocolate. 

But well... who doesn't! 😋😉 

Just a fun set to remind us that there might be life out there, and that we don't need to worry about that at all!

Although I am quite happy with the earthly colored spaceship any feedback is really appreciated!

Hope you like it! 😁

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