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“In This House... If You've Seen One Ghost... You Haven't Seen Them All.”

Beetlejuice is a timeless classic, and now you can experience it in a whole new way with this super fun build. This creation holds a total of 2,060 pieces, and the amount of detail in the model would be enough to make even Adam jealous.

  • There are 9 minifigures in total that you can interact with from all different parts of the film; Barbra and Adam Maitland with The Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Delia and Charles Deets along with their daughter Lydia with a camera. Who could forget their family friend Otho. Then moving to the dark and mysterious Netherworld, we feature both Miss Argentina (The Receptionists) and Juno. Last but certainly not least there is Beetlejuice himself, fresh out of his personal grave. 

  • The House reconstructs the iconic look and feel from the film, with a wrap around porch and three-story floor plan.

  • Featured with the exterior of The House is a sample of the sand dunes of Saturn and including a buildable version of a treacherous Sand-worm!

  • The First Floor holds none other than The Waiting Room within the realm of The Netherworld. Packed with fun details such as furniture and paintings, and then there is an Information Booth for The Receptionist.

  • Moving to The Second Floor; Starting on the left side, there is The Office of the legendary caseworker, Juno, complete with her desk and chair. To the right you will find The Dining Room more where a certain haunting dance might have taken place, just be careful of the shrimp! Also featured in this room is some of the extraordinary sculpture work of Delia. 

  • On the Third, and final, Floor there is the former Attic and Model Room of the Maitland’s; featuring a micro version of The House along with a fun detail of The Covered Bridge where the couple had their little accident. 

  • This version of the set includes a display stand for most of the figures and right in the middle of it all is Beetlejuice with his tombstone. 

Thank all of you so much for taking time to look at my creation, please consider supporting this submission. I intend on posting more on my page with a couple ideas I’m greatly excited about, so be sure to follow my page for more Ideas. I wish everyone an amazing day and night. Stay awesome and keep building!

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