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The Four Seasons

This is a displayable diorama build, with around 1,200 pieces, to represent the Earth's four seasons. this build has four sections, one dedicated to each season, and is packed with a high attention to detail. The tree in the center of the build represents the colors of the leaves throughout each season. In the Winter section, you will find a few snow mounds along with a small snowman, and a few Minifigures with winter gear along with a pair of skis, a snowmobile, and a snowboard. in the Spring section, you will discover a small creek lined with rocks, flowers, and cattails with a vast display of botany and colors, and a family fishing trip. In the Summer section, you will find a family cookout, a picnic table along with some outdoor games like boomerang, ring toss, and a surfer near the visible beach area. I the Fall section, you will find a campfire with logs to sit on and some marshmallow toasting, a Minifigure building a tent, the tent cover, and a birdwatcher. This build would make a great LEGO set for any collector interested in open- word builds, and it would display nicely next to the LEGO Bonsai Tree Set. It comes with a large variety of pieces, and would really catch the eye due to the large quantity of color displayed on all sides of this build.

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