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Terrace Apartment Building and Florist


Hi everyone, here is my latest Lego Ideas Project.

I have created a Terrace Apartment building and florist shop. This LEGO building features three levels. The first level is the florist shop, which features flowerpots, a chandelier, and a counter and computer. The second level features a dining room, with table and chairs, a chandelier, and a plant pot and grandfather clock. The third level features a bedroom, with a bed, a bookshelf, a toy chest, and a light. Outside of the building, there are plants and trees, as well as a lamppost, some ivy climbing up the side of the building, fencing, some steps to the building, and a bin. This set features a cat and dog, and two of the apartment's owners, as well as a paperboy.

I hope you all enjoy and support this project as well as share it with others!


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