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Iberian Homestead

A small representation of the most typical architectural style present in Spain and Portugal from the 1800s to the mid 20th century, with its iconic red roof tiles and white walls, it has a simplistic but interesting design. Some representative details are present all around the build, adding playability but not overcrowding in an overall small construction.
I wanted to create a representation of a typical architectural style sometimes overlooked but very notable and present all across the Iberian peninsula. One of my main focuses was for it to be simple and relatively small yet interesting to look at and characteristic of the lifestyle of those countries.
Buildings are quite popular constructions among LEGO fans and I feel this would make a great addition to any lego town or as a standalone set for displaying purposes. It brings a new aesthetic not seen in many sets, most of them being either medieval or modern.

As a sidenote I wanted to mention that there are still a few minor features missing, like the texture on the minifigures (as I am not a very talented artist) or some cape elements I wanted to add to the clothes hanger on the window due tu the impossibility of adding them in


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