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Friday Night Funkin'

Beep bo bop! That's right, everybody, Friday Night Funkin’ is coming to LEGO Ideas!
Ever since its release over one year ago, Friday Night Funkin’ has become one of gaming’s greatest hits in video game history. In a game where you sing-off against a variety of tough and familiar foes, Friday Night Funkin’ has managed to revive the genre of rhythm games, giving the player some fun with some of their most notorious tracks to jam along to. With its collaborative and creative cast of characters, Friday Night Funkin’ has managed to stick around and become a staple in the video game industry, providing cool gameplay mechanics, an interesting story, and catchy music to play along to regardless of whether it's on a Friday night. Friday Night Funkin’ is a special video game, uniting fans from all over the place to come together and share their love for this game, earning the reputation and adoration across the whole world.
In celebration of over one year of Friday Night Funkin’, this set will bring the most iconic rap battle of this rhythm game into the world of LEGO for all to cherish! Recreate your favorite duet from this awesome video game with this colorful, detailed model of the classic setting from the world of Friday Night Funkin’. This set features an enlarged recreation of the most iconic location from the Friday Night Funkin’ universe, accompanied by the characters who kick-started this entire game. Whether you’ve played the video game on a Friday night, listening to the funky fresh beats from the game’s soundtrack, or just simply a fan of legendary rapper Boyfriend himself, this set has it all!
This set includes:
  • The Stage: The entire section of this set is dedicated to the location seen in the Tutorial and Week 1 of the game. This scene is a recreation of The Stage where Girlfriend teaches Boyfriend how to rap battle AND where Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest sing-off against each other for the first time ever.
  • The Crew: A collection of 3 minifigures representing the characters of Friday Night Funkin’. The minifigures showcased within this set include a rap legend titled "Boyfriend," the head-bopping woman named "Girlfriend," and the villainous ex-rockstar called "Daddy Dearest."
  • The Crew’s Accessories: This set contains accessories iconic to the characters of Friday Night Funkin’. This set contains a microphone for both Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest, alongside speakers for Girlfriend to stand on.
When I first encountered the game, I didn’t know what to expect other than a simple rhythm game with a neat art style, really good music, and a standard plot to motivate the player. However, once I played the game, I was invested in the world of Friday Night Funkin’. This was more than just a game, but a masterpiece to behold. I spent many days playing this game, repeating the same levels over and over again because it was fun and enjoyable for not only me but for everyone else who played, watched, or even listened to the game. It was wonderful to see so many people come together over a game as special as Friday Night Funkin’, a sight that can be shared and experienced by the LEGO community and their love for LEGO. I feel that this set would fit perfectly in the realm of LEGO, bringing more fans together to share even more memories with one another. Plus, having this game come out in LEGO would be pretty cool, to be honest.

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