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Sly Cooper - The Thieves Van


Sly Cooper is one of the most famous games created today. 
This game has four versions to date, but this set is related to the second version (Sly 2: Band of Thieves).


.  The Van:
I tried to make this model as set like as possible, but the most challenged thing creating was drawing this three little minifigures, I only design the "clothes" because the heads are really hard to draw and I can't do it. I know i did miss a few things but this is the best i can do. This set contains a van, made in LDD, it has a giant sticker of Sly Coopers Gang logo and two big flames on both sides, printed flame plates in the front of the van, etc... The set also contains three 100$ plates, a gold cup, a gold horn, one pink diamond,  and a gold crowbar. This set would probably be in the $50-$60 price range.


. This LEGO set contains three figures:
- Sly Cooper  (The Master Thief)

- Bentley  (The Brain)

- Murray  (The Muscle)

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