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Martian Marauder


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In 2016, Mars Curiosity Rover made the greatest discovery in the history of Science, it discovered intelligent life on Mars, at the same time, however, it became the greatest tragedy mankind ever experienced, as the newly discovered life turned out to be implacably hostile to our exploration.

Weeks later the skies of major cities were lit by the eerie green lights as shooting stars rained down, Jets sent to intercept the found themselves unable to get a radar lock on the dart shaped objects, which defied the laws of physics in their flight.

As each marauder neared the ground, their laser fire blasted huge holes in the buildings and ground before them, into which the plummeting ships fell. As the smoke cleared from the wreckage, onlookers were horrified to discover, not missiles, or landed UFO's but sleek walking robots, ready for humanity's response.

The Martian Marauder is a sleek spacecraft with twin blaster cannon on the wings, and an opening Cockpit, holding a Martian Pilot. When the Marauder lands, the nose cone of the spaceship drops down and opens to form three legs, while the wings and blasters fold back against the body.

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Robot Back View
Robot Front View
Flying Top View
Flying Bottom View
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