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The Trailblazer - Defender of the Galaxy


My latest Lego Ideas project is a spaceship called 'The Trailblazer' which is a ship created to defend the galaxy from the galaxy's aliens and criminals. It is sort of a police space interceptor. It is created almost entirely with side ways building techniques. I created this ship entirely in my head and did not use any inspiration from other sources except that I liked how other Lego builders built spaceships with the sideways and SNOT (Studs Not On Top) technique. To create this model I layed out a whole pile of bricks on a table an then let my hands do the thinking. This spaceship features two front twin laser cannons, a turret cannon on the top, and 4 rocket boosters to allow the ship to travel at high speeds. The cockpit of the ship can fit up to 4 micro-trophy figures. This ship took me about 3 days to build as I added pieces here and there and changed the look of the ship.

I hope you all like what I have built, and please support and share this set idea with others!




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