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Matany board game

I love board games. I couldn’t make it with any paper, plastic or wood. Only with lego. This game is about pirates on an island and they try to beat each other. This game is for 4 players. I build this because i can’t make it with my own lego pieces. I believe that this project will be lucky because it’s a board game. 

Why i called it “Matany”  Because this name is perfect for this project.


1660 parts


Game rules


Game time: 1 hour

Game for: 2-4 people


Object of the game


To beat all the other players 




1 board

16 player profiles (4 each)

4 chest boxes

16 players 

8 types of weapons and 64 of them

48 tiles with different hight

1 turn counter

1 luck counter

1 damage counter

2 dice

4 player boxes 


How to setup


Take all of 48 tiles and place them on the board in any order you’d like. Now every player chooses where to place his 4 characters on the board. when all of this done, you start.


How to play


Each player rolls the both dice. Who got the most will start the game. the next player will be from the left of the first player.




In your turn, you can roll the both dice and watch the results. The number will show you how many tiles deep you can jump. Then you choose in which direction you go. And you jump.    




After you jump or before it you choose which weapon you will use. You roll the both dice and watch the results. The number will show you how many tiles deep you can throw/shoot the weapon. You choose the direction and throw or shoot it. If you got exactly in the player, you get the max damage (damage counter will guide you). If you got tho the most closest tile you get less damage. The damage counter shows you how many damage did you deal. The first will show you max damage and the second (between damage will be a black tile) will show you less damage. Before every turn, you roll the both dice and watch the result. If it is more than 5, you roll it again. Now, you get the number will show you how deep you can place the chest/prize box. You place it in which direction you want. If you got on the tile with the prize box, you roll the both dice twice. 

it shows you first how which weapon did you get, second how many of them.


If it is 1, you get “explosion bomb”

If it is 2, you get “fire bomb”

If it is 3, you get “common bomb”

If it is 4, you get “air bomb”

If it is 5, you get “plat bomb”

If it is 6, you get “dynamite”

If it is 7, you get “fire explosion”

If it is 8, you get “cannon”


The tiles you can’t go on 


Water tiles. if you’re moved to the water tile you die instantly. You can’t go on the centre tile.


Special abilities of the weapons


Explosion bomb: explodes on the full tile when the player wants

Fire bomb: damages fire on the both closest tiles (1 damage)

Common bomb: nothing special

Air bomb: does go just on 5 tiles but on any hight

Platform bomb: stays on the same tile for 6 turns and explodes after the player enters the tile with it

Dynamite: full tile explosion

Fire explosion: fire on the full tile

Cannon: any deep but only the same hight


After the explosion


If a bomb exploded into a player, he moves 1 tile to the right of the explosion.

The winner places his own coloured box into the centre of the board.

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