Product Idea

Flower Dragon and the Fairy Lilly

Hidden within this flower is a small dragon.  This dragon uses flowers to hide itself from human eyes.  It looks just like every other flower until it opens up its petals/wings to reveal the dragon with.  This dragon has the ability to sense if a human is pure of heart and will keep the existance of the dragon a secret from others.  If you are lucky enough to be deemed worthy by this dragon, it will let you take it home to help protect and hide it.

Along with the dragon is a fairy named Lilly.  Lilly's main job is to help this dragon hide from humans.  She is small enough that humans often confuse her for a random insect as she flies by them.  She can also hide inside of the flower with the dragon when humans approach.

The main feature of this set is that the dragon can be folded up into a flower-like form without having to remove any pieces.  The transformation from flower to dragon is quite simple.  First, you have to lift up the flower from the stem. Next, you unclip 7 of the 8 petals/wings from the octagonal plate.  Afterwards, move the top, bottom, left, and right petals/wings as far down as they go until they touch one another.  At this point, it is easy to remove Lilly from the octagonal plate.  Next, you have to move down the top-right, top-left, bottom-right, and bottom-left petals/wings until they can no longer go down.  Finally, unfold the tail, legs, neck, and horn on the dragon inside of the flower.

I made the wings/petals in pictures 10, 11, and 13 translucent to show how the dragon, and the fairy in picture 13, can fit inside even with the wings/petals closed.

I made this set due to my love of dragons and I want to show how easy it would be for creatures, both real and myth, to hide in plain sight.  I also enjoy lego sets that transforms without having to remove any pieces.  I hope others enjoy this set as much as I do.