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Imperial Assault Hovertank - Microfighter


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Let me star by saying sorry for the low quality of the minifig, but it's the best stormtrooper LDD can do. Please check the last pic for what the minifig should be.

Moving on... Here's my design for the Imperial Assault Hovertank (Microfighter series), based on Lego set 75152, a set that I don't like. I don't like it so much that I had the change to buy it with 50% off and still didn't bought it. Not even for parts! But a Imperial Assault Hovertank microfighter had to be done to complete my microfighter series that starts with the Sandcrawler ( and it had to have as many Rogue One vehicles possible.

So here it is, the Imperial Assault Hovertank and at microfighter scale it doesn't look that bad...

Comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome and I also hope you like it and support it. If you do... Thanks!


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PS: To whoever says this or other project, mine or not, has to many knobs showing, I say this:

THIS... IS... LEGO!!!

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