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Modern Art Museum - Grand Opening and Roof Party

Today is the grand opening of the new exhibition.

In the Museum of Modern Art, you can create, curate and install your own exhibition:
With LEGO DOTS or using bricks of your choice, you can create your very own artworks and put them on show.

We created this model to combine the LEGO Creator Expert concept with the LEGO DOTS / LEGO Art concept to create something very inspiring for LEGO creators of all ages.

The Museum has three levels and is built on a standard LEGO baseplate (32x32).
It features exhibition spaces ready for your LEGO art – a large naturally lit exhibition space on the ground floor and a smaller one with a skylight on the first floor.

On the ground level there is also a cafe / gift shop with a back door.
The inviting staircase takes you to the second exhibition space to the left and a creative lab to the right, where visitors can create their own artworks.

The Grand opening party is on the roof. The DJ is already spinning hot records with the crowd cheering on the dance-floor. The buffet is open and the BBQ is serving delicious foods.
Visitors can even take a dip in the Jacuzzi. 

And there is a lot more to discover:
On the Museum's front facade you can hang your individual Posters to promote your exhibition.
A giant yellow sculpture invites visitors and behind the museum a graffiti artist is painting his latest tag. Watch out! There is a hidden door leading to the space underneath the museum’s staircase.

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