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Warehouse 101


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This is my Largest project to date with aprox 2600 bricks.

Things this model could include;-

  • 6 Mini Figures, 1 Boss, 1 Secretary, 1 Fork lift driver, 1 Maintenance man, 1 Delivery Driver, 1 Warehouse man.
  • 2 stacks of pallets and a few loose ones.
  • 1 Loading Bay has a platform that lowers down to make a ramp for Forklift to Enter building (2 locking hinged blocks underneath that lock platform when in an upright position).
  • 2 vehicles, A Delivery van and a Forklift Truck.
  • 2 Walls that hinge open to allow access to Warehouse area.
  • Warehouse racking to store pallets, Charging area for Fork Lift etc.
  • 2 security Cameras overlooking the loading area.
  • 1 Dumpster, to throw away all that warehouse packaging but the warehouse recycles where it can. :)
  • Added 1 Cat and a Rat, Do Rats really like cheese?
  • Offices have 2 Desks, Chairs, Filing Cabinet and come complete with Clock, Fire extinguishers, Radiators and Air-Conditoning etc.
  • Toilet accessed through the Boss's Office,
  • Kitchen area with Sink, Teapot, Cups, Cupboard and also an ice cold water machine.
  • On the roof there is an Oil Tank for the Heating, Air-Con Unit, Solar Panels and a Satellite Dish.
  • There Could be a Wahehouse 101 sign on the front of the building (This Would Need a Sticker by Lego)

I Hope you like this Big build,

Id Love this to become a real Lego Set,

So I need your HELP, Please Support this Build to make it a reality!



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