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Ponsse Scorpion King - Forestry Machine


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Hi and Welcome to my first Lego project.

Some time ago, while i was playing a farming simulator game I think, whi not reproduce the forestry machine “scorpion king” with lego, and then two months later Im here to show at you the project completed.

The model is moved by a “L” motor with Rear-wheel drive  to face every situation, to steer he use two piston, open and close by a small motor with a simple gearbox, this is not  a simple motorized model, this is a awesome rc motorized model.

 To move the arm instead I used three big pneumatic piston, two for the mainly arm, and one for the second arm with an air tank and a tube network which make all more realist, and last but not less important, the tool which allow to cut the log tree, to open and close the claw he have a little pneumatic piston, and a set of gear to open and close the rollers.


Principal Features:

- Pneumatic system which control the arm and the tool.

- Easy to achieve the pneumatic command, situated in back side of the model.

- RC motorized model.

- Realistic shock absorber system.

- Cabin can rotate 90° left and right.

- Tool can rotate 90°left and right and down.

- Accurate steer system with piston.


Hope you like it.

Thanks for the visit.

PS: sorry for the absent pieces like pneumatic piston and valve, LDD doesn’t have them.

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