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Lego Ice Sculpture Creators


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Hello and welcome to my next Idea:

Lego Ice Sculpture Creators

While I was creating two other Ideas I had a dream about Ice and Ice Sculptures.
So I also started to create my Idea about Ice Sculpture Creators.
But I really loved this Idea about clear Lego Minifigures so I tried to finish this idea first.
And because of the clear bricks my Computer needed a lot of time to render.
Each picture needed about 5-8 hours to render.

The Main Idea had no display and just the creators and the Iced Minifigures with decoration.
But I really love displays to present the idea.
So I created optional displays: A square one and a round one.
You can choose which looks better and can help me to to create a Set YOU like.

In my Idea I didn't use any licensed product.
First I wanted to add something like an StarWars SnowTrooper or Mickey Mouse but in this case
it would use a license and this would make my Idea more expensive.

I have never seen clear Lego Minifigures or a Set Idea like this
and hope you like it as much I do.

And if you have suggestions about a Iced Minifigure you want to see just leave a comment.

The Main Set would contain:

3 Creator Minifigures (Male, Female and Child)
1 Photographer
3 finished Ice Sculptures on a plattform
1 unfinished Ice Sculpture on a plattform
Tools and decorations

The optional round and quare displays would also contain an entrance and a fence.

This Idea would perfectly fit into the Winter Village of Lego.
But you can also take the Ice Sculpture to every part of Lego City.
Place it into a summer central park or a bithday party.
Where ever you would look great.

This is the chance to get an brand new Lego Set Idea never seen before.
And a chance to get clear Minifigures first time ever.
What do you think?

Be a part of this project.

Thank you so much for all your comments and support.
I wish you a happy new year!

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