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Dinoland Cafe & Park

I am very proud to present my new creation - Dinoland Cafe & Park!

I built this model because of my love of Lego's modular building series, and also of Lego's beautiful dinosaur figures from the various Jurassic theme sets. I thought of this idea of featuring the dinosaurs as life-sized exhibits, which can allow the integration of them within all AFOLs/lego fans ever growing modern Lego modular cities.

This is a dinosaur themed cafe which is a great place for family to spend their time together. Kids get to enjoy life sized dinosaur exhibits, explore the Jurassic / Cretaceous period jungle land for an up close experience with the friendly Stigimoloch and not-so-friendly velociraptor. There is also a treehouse playground for kids featuring the Pteranodon, and a canopy walk for a better up close view of the mighty flying reptile from the top, as well as a bird eyes view of the mini park.

Adults get to enjoy delicious snacks and beverages from the ground floor cafe. The full length glass windows offer great view and photo backdrop from both the first and second floor of the cafe, where guests can relax and hangout around the bar tables. Also spot the all time favorite baby Ankylosaurus hiding in the bushes.

There are also friendly park guides offering complimentary tour and educational sessions for kids (and adults too) to learn more about the amazing dinosaur species in display. Tickets for sale near the entrance.

The exhibits are on frequent rotation too, featuring new dinosaurs every quarter of the year! Also compatible with other modular buildings!

Hope you like this idea too and thank you for your support!

Remarks: the two round yellow tiles on the cafe facade are placeholders for sign board / logo for Dinoland Cafe & Park!

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