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Winter Castle


High up in the cold north there ist a small but strong castle. You can only reach it´s door by crossing a bridge which lead you over the icy river. But be careful, there is a trap door in the bridge. Maybe it´s better to use the secret entrance?

The castle itself includes a watching tower and a big main house.

The tower has many levels with stairs to reach the upper level of the main house and also the top oft he tower. It also has a bay window over the door to protect it.

Inside the tower you can find a ghost. The legend says it´s the ghost of the previous owner, who build this castle. But nobody knows it exactly…

The main house has a big dining room with a fireplace and a big dining table on the ground floor, and a office and a bedroom at the upper floor.There is also secret room with a secret exit behind the bookshelf and a secret hiding place for the treasue under the dining table.

Parts:                         ~2975

Minifigures:                5 + 1 ghost

Animals:                     4

Features:                    trap door in the bridge

                                   secret passage behind the bookshelf

                                   secret hiding place for the treasue


Type of building:        The whole castle is build in modules, so you can lift up every level to see what it´s                                            inside.

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