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Modular Automobile Garage

This Lego Ideas project is a modular car repair garage with working lifts and garage doors that will fit well against all the other Lego modular buildings already in your collection, such as Cafe Corner or the Green Grocer. I designed it to be another modular building that could fit into the line of modular buildings that Lego has created. It includes two garage car repair bays with lifts that move up and down independently from each other to aid in the repairing of vehicles. The garage bays and lifts are designed to fit all of the other modular building vehicles such as the fire brigade fire truck and the black car that is included in the Palace Cinema set. This ideas set also includes a black tow truck with a pull hook that can transport broken down cars from around your Lego city to this multi-purpose car garage. I am a huge fan of the Lego modular building line, and I own most of the sets including Café Corner, which is what inspired me to design a modular car garage.

I lacked the resources to build the top levels that would fit on top of the car garage, but figured that I should upload the design that I made so it could hopefully one day become another modular Lego building. After all it is an idea, not all ideas are complete.

Please support this project so Lego becomes inspired by my idea to make their own modular car garage as one of their modular buildings and make my dream come true!

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